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Parent Letter from Supt._Director (Abilene PHS)

Premier High school Of Abilene Updates


Here is how things will be handled for all teachers, students and families for the upcoming month:

  • Student's are working remotely from home and are being instructed to sign in to their Email accounts, Genius accounts and Google Classrooms every weekday as they would on campus.
  • Communicate with Lead Teachers and Specialists in regards to what they are working on at the time. Discuss with lead teacher testing options and schedule a time to test remotely from home.
  • If you are experiencing problems and need additional help with specific lessons please contact either your lead teacher or the specific specialist to arrange a time to set up a meeting on Google Hangouts in which they can help you on a one on one basis.
  • Student's are expected to maintain academic production of at least two units per week to stay on pace for the school year. If you have any questions about this contact your Lead Teacher.
  • Calculators and/or Chromebooks may be issued to students but need to be clarified with student's lead teacher to check out and formulate a plan to receive said equipment. Students and families will be responsible to return equipment in the condition it was checked out.

Please continue to check our website and our Facebook page for daily updates.

For questions, please do not hesitate to email our campus director at spond@responsiveed.com

Updated information of school closure

Copy of PHS Family Letter 4/1 to parents
parent covid update 4-2-20

ATTENTION: Special announcement regarding cancellation and plan:

Parent Letter for Students returning from Spring Break.docx

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